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By Jessica A. Hutchins This article was originally posted Inside Higher Ed  Various career paths will require more specific skills and job search techniques, but Jessica A. Hutchins provides some brief general guidelines. If you are a graduate student contemplating careers outside the professoriate, you can take several steps beforeRead More
By Laura Sanicola This post was originally posted by: WENY News NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Sometimes your job is everything you could ask for and more. Sometimes it leaves something to be desired. For whatever the reason, many people find themselves looking for jobs while still at their current job.Read More
By: Kenya Foy This article was originally posted in Hello Giggles One of the most stressful aspects of hunting for a job is knowing where to search and determining whether the platform you use is really a legitimate way to find your dream career (or in some cases, a gig that will simply payRead More
By: Jessica Hagy This Article was originally posted in Forbes SMELP. It sounds like a small fish you can buy in a can. But it’s an acronym that can help you decide if your role is one you’d like to stick with or bail on. Any one of the letters canRead More
 By: Gina Belli This article was originally posted in Payscale Looking for a new job can be stressful and time-consuming. But if you’ve been on the hunt for several months, and aren’t making much progress, it’s possible that you’re getting in your own way. If you’re having trouble landing a secondRead More
By: Forbes Coaches Council  This article was originally posted in Forbes After you’ve done so, develop your influence by uploading videos and articles to LinkedIn and posting to SlideShare. Having a personalized domain name and guest blogging also add to your status as an industry influencer. According to CareerBuilder, “57% of employersRead More
by: Gwen Moran This article was originally posted in Fast Company You graduated months ago. Now, you’re the last of your friends to find a job. These insights will help. While unemployment rates for college graduates over age 25 was just 2.4% in August 2017, the unemployment rate for recent college graduatesRead More
By Ruchika Tulshyan Special to the Seattle Times Jobs This article was originally posted in the Seattle Times Men are often more willing to circumvent traditional job-search processes to secure their next role. Here are four ways women can do the same. “Men apply to jobs they have six outRead More
By: Forbes Coaches Council This article was originally posted in Forbes In case you didn’t get the memo, technology rules our lives. Whether it’s how you shop, entertain yourself or plan your vacations, we all use technology to guide our daily activities and decisions. So I have to ask, why isRead More
By: Angela Copeland  This article was originally posted in: The De-Soto Times Tribune  If you have a job seeker in your life, there’s a decent chance you’re concerned about them. This is especially true if they are currently unemployed. They’re upset. You feel upset. You may secretly wonder what they’reRead More